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Join my 30 hour accredited course to learn my method protected by the
Hungarian Intellectual Property Office


Children’s competences develop in different times and at different paces so they cannot be developed by traditional frontal presentation. There is a need to exploit the possibilities of free learning and to provide devices that are appropriate for individual skills so that children can develop themselves at their own pace. The BMM Method is all about the “how” of this process.

"Every child needs freedom and humane treatment to develop. This basic truth was not only discovered and discussed by Mária Béres but also made the cor-nerstone of her work. This explains her excellent achievements. I hope she will find and edu-cate lots of followers."

Péter FótiFounder, Public Benefit Association for Democratic Education and Learning

Course contents

The 30 hour accredited course includes a presentation of my own practical work. While learning about the method, students are encouraged to test the BMM devices all along and to create their own.

In the end, students are awarded the Certificate of Completion and granted the right to use the BMM Method, a trademark protected by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.

I present alternative ways to teach the same learning contents, mainly in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science, to the children that are entrusted to us.

The course will show you hundreds of photos of the way children prepare their tiny hands for writing. Believe it or not, they do not learn to hold the pencil correctly by practicing for hours. I explain how they can solve mathematical problems without even knowing the numbers.

Do you want to know how they learnt to write and what the world of letters meant to them? Join us and find out the answer.

I will also tell you about the really hard journey I went along with my autistics. It was not always easy, to be sure. But it was a real success, to be sure. I have made a lot of experiences and will share them with you in lots of pictures and videos for illustration.

Also, the videos will show you the individual course of learning new knowledge with the help of self-check symbols.

Course venue: Wherever at least 10 but no more than 30 people get together. I travel!

What everyday benefits can you and your kids expect from working with the BMM Method after the course?


   In a task situation, the children entrusted to you will be able to stay active for up to 1 hour or even beyond.

   There will be no behavioural problems or they will considerably decrease.

   They will be freely moving about the room without the need to sit behind desks.

   They will make a free choice of the possibilities (devices) offered.

   They will be able to work autonomously!

   They will not expect help at all times.

   They will be ordered even at work.

   They will be happy to help their weaker peers.

   They will be trying, discovering and experimenting autonomously.

   They will be able to learn the tricks of self-study.

   They will create their own daily routine in pictures as necessary.

   They will tidy up things when finished.

   They will not need to be prodded "to learn"!

   Autistics can also act freely without a structured environment.

   They will sort out the card help by themselves if necessary.

and YOU:

   will be happy to go to work every day.

   will not be tired after work.

   will enjoy your time in the school.

   will not expect your working hours to be over.

   will hopefully avoid the risk of burnout.


What experience can you expect at the course?

How and what I felt is simply beyond words. People never cease to be amazed at your courses. We know from experience the hard work it takes to make children learn something and perform a task.

But that goes so smoothly and naturally in your sessions! I saw and experienced it because I spent a day in your class after the course.

The children are completely independent as they keep doing the tasks one by one. They write and count!!! THEY ARE FASCINATING!!! They have no clue as to what they learn with the benefit of your method!!! THAT’S THE WAY EVERY SCHOOL SHOULD TEACH!!!! 

Andrea Gittlár-Tarsoly - remedial teacher, Budapest


Feel like joining my course? Then gather a smaller group (some 30 people) and I will travel to your place. In your own language area, you will need an interpreter!

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Testimonials about me

 Some comments by teachers that completed my 30 hour course



Time flies. It was back late August and now its mid-September. It was not so long ago but it seems it was when I was sitting amazed in your presentations. You are a very inspiring and delightful character and your ideas are novel (they still are!) and must be followed in education.
If only some of our fellow teachers shared one-tenth of your energy and creativity, children could go to a real “fun school” where they would not acquire knowledge by being taught but would discover by themselves almost without noticing, through play and experience, that the World is magnificent! :) I hope you will be able to teach the BMM Method to as many people as possible!!! I wish you even more energy and stamina to do so in the future! It’s something that education needs so much these days. I am very happy I’ve met you!
Dr. Andrea Honti Mezőlakiné remedial teacher -
Odú Development Centre - Szeged


I saw the presentation of a thoroughly considered and well-built method enabling all children to acquire knowledge, learn and practice by themselves. Using this variety of sophisticated and colourful devices helps you keep children interested all along. Overcoming their barriers, every child can make a creative contribution to work at their own level. Through constant manipulation and the use of a variety of devices, not only thinking but also fine motor skills, attention, stamina, ambition and social skills develop unnoticed.
Csilla Zsdánszky remedial teacher, Founder and President, True Pearl Association for Special Children


Thank you so much for the useful knowledge you gave me about the BMM Method in your course! I have even tried some of those things in class to the highest satisfaction of my stu-dents. They started to do each exercise in a very creative way and stayed steadfast and disci-plined as they worked for a long time. How right you are! I am happy I was in Szeged as a part of all the professional commitment and humility that you demonstrated to us!
Thanks and regards:
Zoltánné Ficsor junior school teacher, remedial teacher Szent Ágoston Catholic Primary School -Dóc

I was happy to realise that I had acquired a great deal of new information. For, just like all methods, it is not enough to be familiar with the devices alone. It is very little without the underlying approach and the knowledge delivered. So I have been trying to apply and convert the information received from you to my students with learning difficulty. This gives me enormous help in differentiation through the self-check method.
In sum, thanks for giving me a glimpse of the BMM world and for the opportunity to take a part of it that greatly helps the work of children and thereby also mine.
Zsuzsanna Végh – junior school teacher, remedial teacher - Debrecem


BMM course: Well, I had a great time at the course. It is no exaggeration to say that the three days we spent there flew away unnoticed. After some theoretical “warmer” we tried the de-vices, each without exception. As for me, I had never attended any in-service course where practice literally meant what it should. We experienced in our skin what children experience when they are actually learning by play. I am a bit biased about the course and the method but can only recommend it. To whom? TO EVERYONE open to the world and new things. To people working with and for children.
Judit Daróczi junior school teacher – Debrecen