Meet another way, an opportunity!

Every era needs special pedagogy, teachers and all the parents at home learning selector to find their own, personal way.

The „Help me to do it myself”, is actually a child's request, the implementation of which seemed huge challenge for me. Getting used to not have a say in how the child is working! Respecting the child, now says: „I will help you to do it alone!”

The child choose which socket you want to adjust, and I respect that this maximum. Why? The child loves to explore, to experiment, to try and not nearly sure that the device is already getting to know the educational needs instructions! When he learned about the device, the experience gained, tried it, played with it, I think, and then expect only to observe the teacher's presentation, and possibly in a three-step lesson learning. I believe that the development of children's skills in a way. Learn more about the BMM method you!


The BMM Method in pictures